Bono, Edge busk in Dublin on Christmas Eve

Dublin, Ireland – Bono and Edge joined several Irish and global stars in busking for charity once again in Dublin today. After not participating over the last couple of years, it was not certain that Bono would show up, but he did attend, along with Edge for the first time. They performed Oh Night Divine and Love is Bigger than anything in its way. Then  Glen Hansard and Imelda May joined for Christmas (Baby please come home). Liam O Maolani was also there, as were Mundy and Damien Rice. Proceeds, as always, go to Dublin’s homeless community. Dublin has seen a homelessness crisis in 2018, as the Irish economy has attracted so much outside investment that rents in the capital have soared, forcing many low earners out of their homes. Over 10,000 people are homeless in the nation of 4.6 million despite 7% economic growth in 2017 and the second highest per capita income in the EU. In recent weeks, protests against evictions have reached across the country, so tonight’s events have a special significance. Bono asked the crowd to dig deep, and “as the buckets go round, fill them with silver, fill them with hope. “

Bono and Edge busk in Dublin full set from bad angle

Love is bigger – better angle

Christmas, baby please come home – better angle

Oh Night Divine