EDGE hints at Zoo TV Tour

Dublin, Ireland – Edge, still quarantined in Ireland, has told Rolling Stone magazine that U2 has considered doing a tour to honor Zoo TV and Achtung, Baby. Here’s what he said:

There have been various ideas, but I don’t think it’ll necessarily be right on the anniversary. It’s one of those very important records in our career. We do want to celebrate it, but we’ll see. I’m not sure yet……………At some point, I’d love to do something again with the Zoo TV idea. It’s weird how it’s come around. It was very prescient. We had no ideas at the time that the world was going to become…that was all about cable news and that overload. Now look where we are. It’s like times a thousand.

Edge also talked about the next album briefly:

I’m always working on new songs. I’ve not stopped since we came off the road, so yes. The question, I suppose, is whether we have a plan to finish or release it. Not so far. But there’s a lot of exciting music being created.

The interview was focused on the upcoming U2 satellite radio channel, and they talked extensively about the program lineup, music that will be included and long-term vision for the channel. One program will be called Close to the Edge. It will feature the Edge talking with fellow musicians, including Tom Morello and David Byrne. Bono Calling will feature Bono speaking about life to other celebrities, including Chris Rock as his opening guest.

There will be previously unreleased material included on the channel, but it’s not clear if this means unreleased songs from the vault or just live or remixed versions of existing songs. The channel launches tomorrow.

Full article here: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/the-edge-u2-new-siriusxm-station-1021360/

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