First look: U2 Visitor Center, Dublin

Dublin, Ireland – Golden Brook Ltd and MHEC Ltd have offered the first look at the U2 exhibition center to be built at Hanover quay. The center includes recreations of moments from U2s history, including Larry’s Kitchen, the bands first studio on windmill lane, and several revolving features from throughout the bands history.

The planning application lodged with Dublin city council includes the following:

The U2 exhibition center will make the Dublin’s Docklands and Grand Canal Dock a destination experience for the millions of U2 fans around the world…..It will contain exhibit spaces, which will house memorabilia from U2’s vast musical history including old guitars, performance outfits and paraphernalia from their past…..a world class tourist attraction featuring a permanent, yet constantly evolving, exhibition of the U2 story on the site they recorded six albums….featuring high-tech, immersive and experiential scene setting installations as well as through multi-layered thematic displays. the voice of the band will be a constant throughout and the goal is to create a sense of the social, cultural and political context of the band’s work and their inspiration…..Rather than a passive experience, visitors will be encouraged to become part of the U2 story, interacting and engaging to uncover deeper layers….. the surrounding area and Dublin will gain from this additional tourist attraction”.

The center will employ 26 staff full time and includes a parking lot, pontoon entry/exit off the River Liffey and adjacent hotel. Planning permission is expected to be reviewed by the end of August.

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