Oseary makes statement acknowledging Verified Fan problems

U2 Manager Guy Oseary has made the following statement in response to a group of dozens of U2 fans from all over the world who contacted U2 management regarding failures in the Verified Fan system.

I’m a U2 fan first, their manager second..

I always consider the fan experience in everything we do…

That’s why I’m disappointed to hear from some of our U2.com subscribers about trouble they’ve had getting tickets in this week’s presales..

In previous ticketing sales too many tickets got scooped up by bots or scalpers so this time, for the first time, we’ve been working with the Verified Fan system – to make sure that genuine fans get the tickets. For the majority of subscribers it’s worked cleanly and simply, they got the tickets they wanted in the presales. But every fan club member matters to us… and it’s frustrating to hear that this process has been un-satisfactory for some.

We are looking into this very closely with the team and working on solutions where we can. We will keep you posted.

Guy Oseary






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