WE ARE THE PEOPLE: Bono and Edge to collaborate with DJ Martin Garrix for EURO2021 theme song

London, UK May 4th 2021 – It’s official! Bono and Edge are collaborating with famous Dutch DJ Martin Garrix to produce the official song of EURO2020 (or EURO2021 if you prefer, since the competition has been delayed by a year). Stadiums across Europe are beginning to allow fans to enter, and EURO 2020/1 is scheduled to kick off in eleven countries in June. Here’s what we know so far:

  • The song is called “We are the people we’ve been waiting for”
  • Garrix was selected to record the theme song for EURO2020 back in 2019, before COVID had delayed the tournament
  • The song has been in the works for several months. Garrix wrote the music, and the collaboration was his idea
  • Garrix has revealed himself to be a lifelong fan of U2, and felt this collaboration could bring their stadium anthem talent to his music
  • A video for the song was filmed in London yesterday.
  • The song has been described by people who have heard it as a “proper anthem” and a “stadium belter”
  • We will get a first listen on May 14th
  • Garrix has over 16 million followers on social media
  • Adam and Larry were not involved, so this is not officially a U2 song
  • The song will be played during the opening and closing ceremonies, but there is no news yet on whether Bono and Edge will be involved in those performances.


A spokesman for Garrix said “Martin adores football so this opportunity was ­massive for him, which is why he aimed for the very top when looking for collaborators. He has spent months and months working on this song to make it perfect and once Bono and The Edge were on board, it hit new heights. Martin is known for his dance music but [Bono and Edge] have really turned it into a proper anthem. It’s incredible. They have spoken quite a few times and are in London at the moment working on the video. They can’t wait to get it out there for everyone to listen to really soon.”

Will this be a new seven nation army?

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