Silly U2 Conference takes place in Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland – This week, a bunch of waffling, self-aggrandizing egomaniacs gathered in Belfast to completely miss the point of U2s misunderstood masterpiece POP, to shamelessly self-promote and to pretend they care about Northern Irelands peace process while not actually knowing anything about it. They name-checked Steve Averill and George Mitchell to give themselves an illusion of connection to the band and to the peace process. They talked endlessly about themselves while making the occasional U2 reference to keep it all legit. When it was all over, they flew business class back to their jobs as lawyers, accountants, stockbrokers and doctors. The city of Belfast didn’t notice. U2 didn’t acknowledge the event.

TalkU2 boycotted the event on the grounds that the entire thing is very silly.


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