U2 kicks off Europe tour

Berlin, Germany – U2 kicked off its European tour today with a slightly modified Setlist and a new introduction. The now-familiar Bono-MRI image leads into Charlie Chaplin’s famous 1946 Hitler “Great Dictator” speech.  “Love is all we have left” is dropped, and the band takes the stage to “The Blackout”. See the entire intro here. 

The EU flag is draped behind the stage during a modified “New Years Day”, and the EU anthem, Beethoven’s “Ode to joy” makes an appearance during “City of blinding lights”

McPhisto appears during “Acrobat” to tell Germans that their country “is special and you don’t have to share it with foreigners……I’m just back from America and it’s full of foreigners, but the good news is the Donald is on top of the situation. You could someone like that here”. He then called out aFD, Germany’s nationalist party, deliberately mis-understanding the acronym as standing for “Alternative for democracy

The show closed with “One”, “Love is bigger than anything in its way” and “13”

As with the US leg, TalkU2 does not plan on posting setlists every night. Setlist.fm and several other sites have reliable U2 nightly setlists.