U2 to feature in Illumination’s “Sing 3”, release album “Roar of the Lion”

March 31st, 2024 – Los Angeles, CA (AP)

Illumination CEO and Founder Chris Meledandri has announced more details about the plot and cast for Sing 3, and for better or worse, it’s big news for U2 fans. Scarlett Johannsen and Matthew McConaughy both reprise their roles from Sing 2, and Bono will reprise his role as the aging rock star Clay Calloway.

But wait, there’s more! According to the Illumination (TM) website, U2 is dropping a Soundtrack album alongside Sing 3. Named “Roar of the Lion,” it’s described by Illumination as “a combination of classic U2 hits and new material written specifically for the musical.”

Meledandri promises more surprises to come. “The Sing audience is growing up”, he stated, “and just playing rehashed Katy Perry songs isn’t going to cut it anymore. We need fresh thinking.”

“The Edge is writing death metal from Jupiter at the moment,” Bono spilled during an interview with Sirius XM, “We’re bringing punk rock to people in diapers here!”

“I think we wanted to take the ‘songs of ascent’ motif and try to bring the joyful noise to a younger generation. Like, much, much younger!” chimed in Bassist Adam Clayton. “Like, seriously, Fuck Gen Z, we’re talking totally next gen here. “

Adding to the intrigue, it’s been revealed that Adam Clayton’s animated alter ego, Smokey Calloway, will play Clay Calloway’s brother in the film. “In a way, I’ve always been like that older brother who you bounce ideas off, it’s great to finally be able to play that role on the big screen”, Clayton told Sirius.

The Edge, appropriately plays Clay’s lead guitarist, “Al G”. Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson (ash) is back in action, but this time, she’s swapping her microphone for drumsticks. With Clay’s original drummer nursing a bad back, Ash has to learn to keep the show going from the back.

Meanwhile, Bono told Sirius XM that much of the music originally intended for “Songs of Ascent” has been reworked into a Clay Calloway hymnal album Soundtrack, titled “Clay Calloway: Roar of the Lion”.

Edge told Illumination that “a lot of the material was really, as Bono puts it, ‘unreasonable guitar’, and it fit this idea of a more hard-hitting children’s animation feature. After all, in our most pure form, we are a reflection of our youth. Our most potent lyric ever was ‘Sometimes the hero takes me‘”, which is why we have reworked “Stories for Boys” for this show. I hope Matthew McConaughy can hit the high note.”

While the track listing has not been announced, some things are known. Bono told Sirius XM that the bands 2019 single “Ahimsa” will be featured. “The song was only really a megahit in the Hindi-speaking world, so it’s great to have a chance to showcase it to a broader audience”, said Bono. “Edge has really been getting into the new style, he can’t wait to show the world his remix of ‘Bad Romance’. Also, can I say, Billie Eilish is a joy to work with. Her brother, not so much”, he joked.

Scarlet Johannsen, meanwhile, tells Illumination she is thrilled to have an opportunity to sing “One”. “I’ve finally found what I’m looking for, in art, and in life” said the recently married starlet. “One love, one life. It’s who I am now” she said, in the company of her Husband and Sing-3 costar Colin Jost.

‘Roar of the Lion’ will be released on the same day as Sing 3, some time in 2025. As always, TalkU2 will keep you updated as we learn more about the track list, release dates, and any tour plans associated with the album.

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