U2 Visitors center blocked by Dublin County Council

Dublin, Ireland – Dublin City Council has blocked U2’s proposed visitors center, citing concerns over the buildings proposed height, sea-foam collection along its edges and a lack of co-ordination with the design of the buildings around it. The council warned that the proposed structure could impact other already-approved buildings under construction by blocking natural light and appearing foreboding. The designers now have six months to resubmit their plans before the rejection becomes permanent. The new building, as rejected, would have tripled the height of the existing U2 recording facility on the site, as well as adding a hotel, cafe and shop along with the U2 tour and museum. The hotel, brainchild of long-time U2 collaborator Henry Crosbie, was not rejected, though the council raised what it called “serious concerns” about the structure. Neither U2 nor Crosbie have commented on the decision thus far.