U2 will release new song for SING 2 film – possibly before November 1st.

October 17th 2021 – Speaking on U2-X Radio, Adam Clayton has confirmed that U2 will release a brand new song for the film SING 2. We already know that the film features I still haven’t found what i’m looking for, so we now know that the movie will feature at least two U2 songs. Bono plays Clay Calloway in the animated film to be released on Christmas eve. Calloway is a lion who lost his roar and has been living as a recluse for 15 years.

Here’s the quote from Clayton: “Well as people probably know by now, we have a new song coming out, which is in the Sing 2 movie, which is an odd place for a U2 song, but I think it fits really well. “

Meanwhile, there is a good chance that the song the band wrote for Sing 2 will be released within the next two weeks, because the deadline for consideration for Academy Award nominations is November 1st.

Then, Clayton gave us the following good news/bad news quote about where the band stands on a new album: “We’re looking at going back into the studio and recording. It feels like the right time now. It feels like we need to do another record. “ This combined with the recent statement from Steve Lillywhite that Every Breaking Wave was the only song from the Songs of Ascent sessions that made it to the SOI and SOE albums makes for an interesting possibility that the band may have lots of unreleased material ready to record.

In the same interview, Adam stated that they won’t think about touring until at least early next year. With the 30th Anniversary of Achtung, Baby set to be observed with some as-yet-unknown homage, and Bono’s autobiography coming out in 2022, it feels like we might be transitioning into a more active period for the band.


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