Adam teases U2 biopic in UK radio interview

On an interview with Radio X presenter Chris Moyles, Adam has teased that U2 is “open to offers” for a biopic about the band. Recently, successful music movies have been made about Queen and Elton John, while “Crying Game” / Culture Club songwriter Boy George will also soon feature in his own movie. “Let’s just say we’re open to offers,” Adam jokingly replied as the host asked him when U2 would feature in a “little movie.” Moyles was presumably being sarcastic about the “little” given the scale of everything U2-related. Whether this was just an off-the-cuff joke or a hint that the band would indeed receive such offers favorably was not clear. U2’s connections to Hollywood are well known, and the band features in both the Freddie Mercury biopic and the Ron Howard produced documentary about Pavarotti. In previous interviews, Bono had said quite the opposite, stating that a movie made about the band would feel like a book-end to their story, indicating that their time at the helm was over, but as band members approach the age of 60, the calculation may now be different. A 2011 low-budget independent movie called “Killing Bono” told the story of music-critic Neil McCormick, who was present in Larry’s Kitchen in 1976, but didn’t end up a member of U2. All four band members were depicted in the movie, but were not the center of the story.

The interview teased a few other topics, including a brief mention of Inhaler’s upcoming support slot for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: “[Inhaler has] been working really hard. I’ve seen them over the years working in the garden shed. It’s great to see this happen for them.

Adam was on the show to announce the upcoming Australasian leg of the Joshua Tree tour. Bono recently told a twitter audience that the band is looking forward to the Australia leg of the Joshua Tree tour,, adding  that “doing these shows has been very special for us, a lot of emotion… From the despair of how relevant some of the dark songs still are, to the joy, pure fun of the staging… it’s quite a ride