TalkU2 Exclusive: Songs of Ascent album

Dublin, Ireland – July 3rd 2019

In a stunning TalkU2 exclusive, we can confirm that TalkU2 has received a leaked copy of a full, near-finished “Songs of Ascent” album, complete with artwork, B-sides, alternative versions and one rather weird version of Soon featuring Bono on the clarinet. Most of the music has never been heard before. We’ve certainly never heard of it, and we’re pretty sure U2 hasn’t either. To demonstrate the authenticity of this recording, we can confirm that An Tha has completed his listening session, and has confirmed that while the album had potential, the soft-center is “utter shite, complete MOR hogwash designed to get airplay.” This confirmed for us that the recording was genuine, but in case anyone is skeptical, we are including this official-looking artwork as a sorta proof-of-possession, if you will. We swear, this wasn’t lifted from some dude with Photoshop.


We can’t let you hear the full recording, unfortunately, and we are not telling you why, because it’s better for us if you have to speculate. We can confirm that our source is even better than the real thing, and that a limited edition 12″ Brown Vinyl version will soon go on sale for $499+tax. All proceeds will go to the save-the-peno foundation, care of the content owner who has authorized us to tell you that we have this recording, but who hasn’t authorized us to play it.

Still don’t believe me? We uploaded a clip to Youtube. You can find it here.

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