U2 at the Ziggodome, Amsterdam

Contributed by TalkU2 user JFW, who attended the show at the Ziggodome in Amsterdam last week

First of all, I’m not complaining in this story, it was really great

I stood 6 rows from the railing next to the drums of Larry on the catwalk, nice too heart the drums analog. Good place, I really don’t understand why people camped outside The Ziggo Dome for so many days…

Blackout was fine. It was the song people used to film, haha, so didn’t miss it — it, I can watch it on YouTube now. Lights of Home was one of my favourites on the album, but the string s version is not so special live. It was nice to absorb, though. I will follow was nice! Still like it, don’t see the need of the ‘hold your hands up’, haha, but alright.  Gloria was fantastic. I was really surprised how the crowd responded to the song. It kept the crowd energetic the most in this setlist. I’m not so sure what came next  ;D. O, Beautiful Day, ofcourse.. wasn’t adding, crowd didn’t respond to it that much either. I hope they’ll ditch it or reworke it to something other, it’s just not interesting.

Was nice to have Zoo Station. But it’s not so working in the middle of the set, great anyhow. When they started Stay I  first thought they started Satellite Of Love, haha. The song was amazing! Heartfelt,  and Bono did it very well. I sung my heart out on this one. Loved the ZooTV version, good layers.  Adam and Larry were having fun, obviously.  Horses was very good, too. It’s a long song, but it doesn’t bore. Nice how these three pretty rare songs were merged together. I couldn’t see the intermission.  It was hard to read from the field. I took the opportunity to walk to the e-stage, since a lot of people naturally tried to get to the I-stage. My friend and I stood our ground and walked to the e-stage. Fantastic to see the band play upclose. And I really understand why they pay Elevation and Vertigo still; it’s just still working.  Acrobat was a good song,  but I expected more energy, instead it was a song to absorb with your eyes closed. The Real Thing was nice. I have it in my head all day today. I was not looking forward to the next one. I hate The Best Thing, but I discovered I hate the production of it. In concert is more like a ode to Ali. It was very subtle and made a man next to me cry. The same counts for Summer of Love, the Ed Sheeran riff is horrible,  but it started at the right moment and was a different sound to the rest of the show. It added! Pride was all over the place, I mean the band was everywere. I didn’t know where to look, so I just stood and had some interaction with the rest of the audience, which was nice. They could experiment with this more in the future. The bottleneck is that people probably will be pointed only at Bono, haha. For the song itself: it is overplayed and even the album version bores me, but I can see why they’re playing it, it was nice.  Get Out Of Your Own Way did nothing for me. It didn’t work, but I made the having a good time ;). New Years Day was fine, would have loved to hear the piano more from the Edge. I hope they’ll add piano to more songs in the future. City Of Blinding Lights I doubt understand, my friend did and it was the highlight of the show for him, so fine by me. One was nice to sung along to, and maybe needed because it didn’t had Streets.  But the intro with Bono’s speech and long intermission about women was annoying and took away all emotions around the song itself. I’m not so fan about his promoting for (red) and one during show or row outside the venue “I need some help for this good purpose. It’s risen by Bono. Bono”s organisation!!!!”. But I had some fun by singing the falsetto part in the end Bono didn’t. I was pretty good 8), he should have asked me on stage. Love Is Bigger went surprisingly well! Easy to sing along and to follow.. the bridge took me out of the moment, while I love it in studio. In the opposite I don’t like the ‘oh-oh-oh-oh’ on the album, but in concert it was nice. Maybe they should have kept it for the show, to make it more special. Anyhow  ;)… 13 …(more dots)…wow. I prefer to have an energetic end of the show. But this was a bomb! Bono was good by voice and was very struck. It took a while before I reflected the show with my friend, I had to think about it. What on earth is going on with Bono? It seems like it’s something mental or fear for death if you decide by only this song.  I don’t know for sure, because I guess his struck with mortality is about physical health problems. Otherwise it’s about him comparing to heros who died quite recently (Cohen, Bowie).

Overall, the new songs The Best Thing, SOL, Love Is Bigger and 13 were adding and subtle, they were the finest in production in the show. I missed a bit of storytelling, but the setlist was composed good in terms of highs and lows. Bono was good by voice for what I heard these previous two years. But it hasn’t got the energy of the ’80s and the dragging (if that’s the right word (I mean like Kite)) emotion of the ’00s anymore. I’m wondering where they are in three or four years.

This was my second U2 show.  I thought TJT30 did resonate emotionally more with me than this show, but this show was more spectacle (I mean the songs,  visuals don’t do anything to me)