Moderator Meltdown

April 1st, 2023. Five and a half years after the creation of this forum, TalkU2 has already developed quite the reputation for April Fools and other pranks. In 2018, we did not issue “Free limited edition 21st anniversary U2 POPMart Easter Lemon, personally signed by Dallas Schoo himself” ( but several members sent us PM messages thanking us and asking how they could get theirs. We proudly turned down a (non-existent) invitation to attend the “U2 Conference” in Belfast on the grounds that it was very silly ( In April 2019, we announced that U2 would visit the International Space Station and film a music video ( We were WAY ahead of the game in announcing the Songs of Ascent album ( But today, we went for broke. No, Codeguy has never slept with An Tha’s wife, and neither has Big Mother. Mpare and Codeguy are totally cool with each other. For those of you who played along, thank you. For those of you who were shocked …….HAPPY APRIL FOOLS TO ALL FROM THE TOTALLY UNITED, TOGETHER FOREVER TALKU2 MODERATION TEAM!